We are Matoonda A large scale export fruit grower.

Matoonda is Fruitful

"Matoonda is our preferred way of spelling the Swahili word Matunda, which means fruits.

We love fruits, all kinds of fruits. I mean, don't fruits add colour, flavour and taste to life? Besides the simple fact that fruits are one of the healthiest things one can eat without fear of side effects, fruits offer cuisines uniqueness that nothing else in the world.


At Matoonda, we enjoy creating value from not only growing wonderful fruits but providing our partners and investors unmatched, non volatile returns over long term.

We provide an end to end, turnkey investments in fruit farming . From land acquisition, preparation, establishment , management and marketing.


There are three major ways to be involved with fruit farming. The first way is to do it all by yourself, this involves you researching and purchasing your own land, after your initial purchase and obtaining all the required license and permits you will have to;

Needless to say, the above is no easy task, especially if farming is not your main job. Fortunately, Matoonda has all the knowledge, skills and experience to accomplish all the above effortlessly for you, as a matter of fact we do it every day!


Matoonda offers you an easy and hands free way to own a fruit farm. With full management on all our farms, no stress and hassle is left for you. The teams at Matoonda will take care of everything for you from Soil testing to Marketing and sales. All you have to do is sit back, relax, watch your fruits trees grow and expect a fat cheque to hit your account at the end of every harvest season.


Our own an acre model on the fully managed fruit farms gives you deed ownership in a tangible asset. This is a much safer alternative to stocks, bonds and traditional equities that never surpass 12% Per Annum. Fruit farm ownership is particularly attractive to those who wish to own a profitable asset that is not affected by the typical volatility in the financial markets and that offers guaranteed returns.

If situations do not allow, Matoonda offers a land leasing option. We then plant the fruits, market them and shares the revenues with you. This model does not provide ownership of the asset, only revenue share. The returns are slightly lower than the ownership model, but works where the investor is not legally permitted to own freehold land.

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