November 19, 2019


Kenya has been a leading exporter of Avocado in Africa for year. Avocado has also been Kenya's leading fruit export according to KALRO. The fruit has been fetching very attractive prices, both in the local markets and internationally. However, how much can a hass Avocado farm give as profit?. Before we get an answer to that question, we need to understand a few things. 

How long does it take a Hass avocado tree to fruit?
Any avocado should reach a particular age before it will bear fruit. Seedlings sold by Matoonda professionally grafted and organically grown and therefore will yield fruit a lot of quicker and consistently than trees fully grown from seed. A tree fully grown from an avocado seed can take a minimum of ten years recent, and farmers could have to be compelled to wait up to fifteen years. Hass avocado seedlings take the maximum amount as 3 to four years to start bearing fruits, with a minimum of 50 fruits expected on the first harvest.

Where can one get hass avocado seedlings in Kenya?
Farmers are advised to buy certified seedlings so as to be sure of the quality of the yield. Matoonda sells seedlings that are certified HCD and KEPHIS . Farmers are highly discouraged from purchasing seedlings from sellers who are not certified as they trees might be of poor quality. A hass avocado seedling price ranges between Kenya Shillings one hundred fifty to Kenya Shillings four hundred depending on the age and size of the seedling.

Hass avocado yield per tree?
A unit of tree if irrigated well can give one thousand fruits annually. Current farm management, plant density and soil fertility are the foremost factors in ensuring good yields of hass avocado.  Usually, the average yield per mature Hass Avocado tree in Kenya is 780 fruits per tree per season

The Kenyan hass avocado flowers on October and is ready for harvesting between June and Sep. The Government recently began regulating the harvest seasons of the fruit. Farmers ought to understand the proper ways of harvesting fruit to ensure quality is acceptable for the export market.

How to plant hass avocado
Avocados may be fully grown from either seedlings or seeds. By planting certified seedlings, farmers are assured of a high degree of survivability of the young plats because the seedlings are robust and are able to resist diseases and have the ability to do well in different types of soils. Planting materials ought to be inspected to confirm that they're free from diseases. An acre of land should take a 100 to a maximum of 150 seedlings, spaced a minimum of 7 meters from each other.

Land preparation
Land preparation ought to be just like that of regular crops. It's better to plant seedlings at the beginning of a rainy season if the farm is not irrigated.

How much does it cost to establish an acre of Hass Avocados?
If we consider that the farmer already owns the land, and we take an average of Ksh. 200 per certified seedling at 150 trees an acre. The seedlings will cost Ksh. 30,000. Labour and inputs about Ksh.20, 000 and Land preparation at about Ksh.10,000. Assuming the costs of management and water per year would be Ksh.120,000. The total cost per acre comes to Ksh. 180,000.

So how much will an avocado farm make?
One hass tree will offer a mean of Ksh 3,500 per cycle. A farmer who has planted one hundred hass avocado trees per acre, for example, will get Ksh 700, 000 annually sold-out at a value of Ksh five per fruit because the trees can fruit twice a year given the right conditions. It's good to also understand that market prices can go up to Ksh.35 per fruit which is able to a very favourable profit margin of profit.

Is it profitable?
Considering an investment of Ksh.180,000 and an annual return of Ksh.700,000, then this is definitely a worthy investment.