Own a part of the largest
Avocado farms in Kenya

People will always eat. This fact makes agriculture the best line of investment to venture into. But investing in a small farm project makes you a small and irrelevant player when selling your produce to a giant global market. We want to offer you an opportunity to be part of one of the largest fruit farms in the region.

Own An Acre of Avocado

Feel secure with full ownership. This means you become a title deed holder once you complete your payment. Put your mind at ease, you own the land.

Fully managed Fruit farm

We free you to live your life as we do not expect you to send additional money, employ, grow, market or visit the farm weekly.

Continuous money maker

As Avocado trees have a lifespan of not less than 15 years, you can expect to an income for a long time with no additional costs.

Easy payment options

A payment plan that gives you a year to pay for the investment allows you the flexibility to make a commitment and plan forward for the balance.









Why Avocado?

If the annual "One Trillion Shilling" global market is not enough,
here are more reasons why avocado is the way to go.

Kenya's Harvest Season

Our country produces at a time when the rest of the world has low production,

100% Organic Fruit

We use growting methods that are certified to access local and global markets

Virgin Oil extraction

Avocado oil is a globally acceptable replacement for virgin oil.

Medical research

Proven supliments and drugs are not being made from avocado.

Low failure rate

The avocado is a tree thus has low possibility of failing.

10 years of harvest

As there is no replanting, we will harvest over a long period.

New Markets

China has finally opened its markets for Kenyan avocado.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Hair and skin products heavily use avocado as a raw material.


Its environmentally friendly as it forestrates acreas of zero farm use.

Be part of The global avocado network

Join the Investment

Know More About Us

Matoonda Limited was build not just to encourage growth of tree, fruits and agriculture but also to create value on idle resources be it land or financial capital. We provide an end to end, turnkey investments in fruit farming.

Acquiring land

Verifying and guranteeing suitability of land use in every project.

Grow and manage

Following proper certification guidelines that guarantee quality.

Marketing and selling

Linking our produce to buyers in desired quantities and packaging.

Investment Vs Return Join the smartest investment

LEASE Lease part of our Avocado estate

Invest 659,000Kshs
Profit2,475,000 Kshs

  • 1 acre reserved
  • 150 avocado trees
  • Earn from year 4
  • Profit paid annually
  • 10 year management
  • 7 year Profit
  • Ksh 2,475,000 Full profit
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